Time to Spring Clean Your First Aid Kit?

Time to Spring Clean Your First Aid Kit?

Sarah McLoughlin
Posted by Sarah McLoughlin

Date: Thursday, 12 April 2018. -  
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It’s April, the sun is shining – occasionally – and Spring is finally in the air. Now, a common thing to do when the clocks go back and the days start to become longer is partake in some Spring cleaning. We bet some of you are already ahead of us and have started to Spring clean your house already! 

Now, while keeping your home clean and ready for the wonders that Spring brings, it’s also important that you Spring clean your first aid kit.

Your first aid kit is the first port of call for any minor injuries that may occur and it’s important that everything in there is ready for use. We share the importance of Spring cleaning your first aid kit and what you can do to ensure your kit is ready for action.

Stock up

Your first aid kit should always be well-stocked and replenished but when was the last time you checked your first aid kit? Items can expire, be used up without anyone realising or even go missing.

How confident are you that when you open your first aid kit, it will contain all of the essentials and that they are in date? The chances are, that if you have had your kit for a while, some items may have expired or may not even be there anymore.

Whether it’s a safety pin or a bandage, everything in your first aid kit has a purpose and may need to be used within a moment’s notice. To ensure your kit has everything required, take a look at a few of our restock and replenish tips:

  • Safety pins often go missing and may not always get replaced however, you will need them to secure bandages.
  • Adhesive tape is another one to watch- this is a first aid kit essential for holding dressings in place or securing the loose ends of bandages.
  • Gloves are disposable and once they have been used, they must be replaced. The likelihood is that this will be forgotten about once the item has been used, resulting in someone responding to an incident without the appropriate equipment needed.
  • Alcohol-free cleansing wipes can be used to clean the skin around the wound and will be used up quickly when dealing with cuts and grazes.
  • Plasters are regularly used for cuts, grazes and blisters so should be replaced when necessary.

Replen’ and Renew Your Kit

Spring is the perfect time to adhere to the phrase out with the old and in with the new and this can be applied to your first aid kit as well as your house.

Now is the time to check your first aid kit to make sure it contains the essential items and that they are in date. This is important and should be done regularly, especially if some items have been used.

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