How to choose your First Aid training

We know that choosing the right First Aid training to meet your needs is important, and we can help. 

Comparison FlowchartThe HSE Requirements 

The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 requires employers to carry out an assessment of their first aid needs, and apply to all workplaces; even those with less than 5 employees and those who are self-employed.

This includes (but is not limited to) consideration of your workplace hazards and risks, the size of the organisation and other relevant factors, to determine what first aid equipment, facilities and personnel should be provided. Depending on the circumstances of the work environment, what is classed as 'adequate and appropriate' may differ from workplace to workplace. Further guidance can be found on this and about first aid at work by downloading the HSE 1981 Regulations here. 

What's the difference in the training available?

To give you a better understanding of the differences between the First Aid at Work training courses available, we've created a helpful comparison chart between the different courses and their duration. To the right, you can see the content covered in each course and where they overlap; everything in the Level 2 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work (QCF) is also covered in the Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work. 

Keeping your qualification up-to-date

Underneath our comparison is a requalification chart that outlines the journey of keeping your first aid qualification up to date over its duration and on expiry. When you book with us, we will send you a reminder of your first aiders' expiry dates 3 months (and each month following) prior, to keep your first aiders qualified. 

Still unsure which course meets your needs?

Call one our helpful experts on 0161 776 7420 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we'll help you understand the right training for you and talk you through how we can help..






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