The Retailers Guide to Enhancing Customer Safety

Date: Tuesday, 03 May 2016. -  
Blog, First Aid, Health & Safety

There are many hazards that can be identified in the retail sector that put both staff and members of the public at risk of injury; for instance produce can fall off shelving creating spillages, weather conditions can cause slippery surfaces at main entrances and trailing cables from cleaning equipment can create trip hazards.

It’s important to conduct a risk assessment to identify any areas that may cause problems because the last thing you want is a customer coming to any harm whilst browsing in your store. The repercussions of an accident could also have a huge impact on your business, potentially damaging your reputation and even resulting in a legal battle. 
However, there are certain measures that you can implement to minimise risks ensuring the safety of all staff and customers.  Check out our infographic for our top tips on how to combat the risks -you will be surprised at how just a few simple changes can make a huge difference. 
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