The Importance of Public Access Defibrillators

Date: Thursday, 01 October 2015. -  
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When someone’s life hangs in the balance every second is crucial. In fact, for every passing minute, someone experiencing cardiac arrest loses 10% of their survival chances. This is why defibrillators need to be made accessible and visible to all members of staff.  Can you really afford to keep it under lock and key?

In the year 2013, there were 343 deaths in the UK caused by a fire while 100,000 people died from sudden cardiac arrest. This is why we believe that defibrillators should be made as easily accessible as fire extinguishers.

We understand that businesses may want to protect their investment, but what if the one person with access to the key safe was out of the office at the time of an emergency? There are too many what-ifs to consider.


In order to protect your defibrillator, there are various accessories you can purchase. To provide additional protection from exposure to dust and moisture, you can purchase wall cabinets that allow you to install the defibrillator outdoors. Some defibs even have built-in alarms to alert everyone that the device has been removed in an emergency.

To increase the defibrillators visibility, there are wall signs with bold logos and type that grab the attention of passersby.  Increasing an employee’s awareness of how the defibrillation procedure works could highlight the importance of the equipment whilst making staff feel at ease. Posters giving step-by-step instructions placed around the building will help everyone to become more familiar with the device.

You can also arrange AED training courses on your specific model, to help employees gain a further understanding of how to use it, giving them the confidence to take action in an emergency.

Just think what a difference this could make.

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