Staying Safe this Halloween

Date: Monday, 26 October 2015. -  
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Trick or treat- things can get a little out of hand on Halloween. Children get a little giddy at the thought of how many sweets they will receive, bizarre games like bobbing apple are played and there’s often a few tricksters around armed with eggs shouting “mischief managed”.  

Halloween is a fantastic holiday, but when the ghosts, witches and zombies are out in full force please remember that the witching hour is dark and there are many things you must consider in terms of your child’s safety.

Just last year, presenter Claudia Winkleman was faced with the horrifying moment her daughter Matilda was engulfed in flames as she stood close to a candle in her Halloween costume. Thanks to the quick thinking of Claudia’s neighbour Jaime Poulton, he was able to pat the fire out using his bare hands. Matilda suffered severe burns on her legs but has recovered well from the ordeal.


Claudia’s call for people to take care while celebrating Halloween and Bonfire Night has been backed by the London Fire Brigade. A spokesperson stated that last year there were 82 fire related injuries between Halloween and Bonfire night, a 37% increase on the number of injuries recorded in 2012. They have also recommended that candles should be kept at a safe distance from Halloween costumes on a heat resistant surface like a ceramic plate.     

Another thing to be mindful of on Halloween is allergies. If you host a Halloween party with a feast of ghoulish treats, be sure to check with all of your guests if they have any allergies, this also applies if you are taking another child trick-or-treating. The safest bet is to only allow the children to consume wrapped sweets and cakes so that you can double check the ingredients beforehand.  

Traffic can be a nightmare on Halloween as there is always a mad dash from people who completely forgot to stock up on sweets. It goes without saying that young children should hold your hand whilst crossing the roads, but older children may forget the Green Cross Code in all of the excitement and should be reminded of the dangers.

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From all of us at Imperative HQ, have a happy (and safe) Halloween!

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