Reasons To Kick Your Smoking Habit

Reasons To Kick Your Smoking Habit

Rio Bray
Posted by Rio Bray

Date: Wednesday, 13 March 2019. -  

National No Smoking Day is upon us and once again the NHS is urging people to ditch their smoking habit. According to NHS England, smoking is still the number one cause of premature death, accounting for more than 80,000 deaths each year in the UK.

Could National No Smoking Day be the day that you give up for good?

Effects of Smoking

The main disease associated with smoking is Lung Cancer; more people pass away from lung cancer than any other type of cancer. Cigarette smoking is the number one risk factor, taking responsibility for 87% of lung cancer deaths.

Your heart is another organ that is harmed by smoking. Smokers are almost twice as likely to suffer a heart attack compared to people who have never touched a cigarette, according to the British Heart Foundation.

There are a number of ways that smoking can cause damage to your heart: it can lead to a build up of fatty material that narrows the artery, causing a blockage. In addition to this, the carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke reduces the amount of oxygen in your blood, meaning that your heart has to pump harder to ensure that your body is supplied with enough oxygen.

Strokes can also be caused by smoking, as these are caused when the blood supply to the brain is temporarily blocked. As previously mentioned, smoking can cause a fatty build up in arteries, therefore increasing the risk of experiencing a stroke.

Not only can smoking cost you your life, but it also costs the UK economy. Each year, £2.7 billion is spent treating diseases caused by smoking, with the overall cost to the economy amounting to £5 billion through lost productivity and sick days.

How You Can Ditch The Cigs

It might be difficult, but in the long-term, you will thank yourself for ditching your smoking habit. We’ve put together some tips to help you along the way:

  • Make a plan to quit smoking – set a date and stick to it! Think about what could help you, such as using nicotine-replacement products and ensure that you are stocked up before you plan to stop.
  • Let your friends and family know that you’re quitting and talk to them for support.
  • Keep busy to help take your mind off smoking. You could take up a hobby or do some exercise? Studies have shown that even a 5-minute walk or stretch can help your brain to produce anti-craving chemicals.
  • Make a list of reasons to quit and refer back to it when you are feeling tempted to smoke.

Kick The Habit For Good!

People who quit smoking typically see health benefits within days, including improved taste and smell. In the first year or two of giving up smoking, your risk of suffering a heart attack, stroke or contracting lung cancer will start to decrease.

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