First aid emergency: What to do when bleeding occurs

Mike Dennis
Posted by Mike Dennis

Date: Wednesday, 03 August 2016. -  
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Handling bleeding

When someone is bleeding it is vital that you reduce blood loss as quickly as possible to ensure that oxygenated blood can reach vital organs, preventing the body from shutting down.

If emergency treatment is not needed, bleeding can be stopped by applying direct pressure to the wound, applying a dressing, and elevating the wound above the patients' heart.

However, if the wound contains an embedded object, you should always leave the object put as it will act as a plug. Instead, you should apply direct pressure around the object and build up layers of bandage around it.

The infogram below has all the information you’ll need to treat someone who is bleeding. Follow the clear, easy steps to help you feel confident enough to handle the situation effectively.

Whether you have first aid training or not, it's always useful to know how to act when a medical emergency occurs so you can be confident the casualty is being looked after - even if it's whilst waiting for an ambulance to arrive. First aid tips and advice can be a great way to ensure you know how to act should a medical emergency even occur.

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