First aid emergency: What to do when an epileptic fit occurs

Date: Tuesday, 29 March 2016. -  
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Handling epileptic fits and seizures

Epilepsy in the UK

Epilepsy affects more than 500,000 people in the UK, which equates to one in 100 people suffering from the condition. It can be manageable via different medications, which can control the amounts of seizures a person has.

Epileptic fits and seizures can be frightening for the person involved, as well as those around them. The key to caring for someone suffering from a fit is to not panic and focus on remaining calm and keeping the person safe.

Our infographic has all the information you'll need to help someone suffering from an epileptic fit or seizure, from spotting the symptoms to taking action and getting them the right help they need. Follow the clear and easy steps to help you feel confident enough to handle the situation effectively. 

Whether you have first aid training or not, it's always useful to know how to act when a medical emergency occurs so you can be confident the casualty is being looked after - even if it's whilst waiting for an ambulance to arrive. First aid tips and advice can be a great way to ensure you know how to act should a medical emergency even occur. 

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