First aid emergency: How to treat someone who is Choking

Mike Dennis
Posted by Mike Dennis

Date: Thursday, 04 August 2016. -  
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How to stop someone from choking

Approximately 16,000 cases of choking are treated in hospital each year in the UK

Choking is something that happens when someone’s airway suddenly gets blocked, either fully or partly, which prevents them from breathing.

Choking is a serious event that can result in permanent brain damage, or even death if the obstruction isn’t removed quickly.

If the airway is only partly blocked, they will usually be able to clear the blockage themselves, so you should encourage them to cough or spit the object out if it is in their mouth.

If the airway is fully blocked, they won’t be able to breathe, and without help they will eventually become unconscious. If this is the case you should use back blows and abdominal thrusts.

The infogram below has all the information you’ll need to help someone who is choking. Follow the clear, easy steps to help you feel confident enough to handle the situation effectively.

Whether you have first aid training or not, it's always useful to know how to act when a medical emergency occurs so you can be confident the casualty is being looked after - even if it's whilst waiting for an ambulance to arrive. First aid tips and advice can be a great way to ensure you know how to act should a medical emergency even occur.

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