First aid emergency: How to put someone in The Recovery Position

Mike Dennis
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Date: Wednesday, 03 August 2016. -  
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How to use the recovery position

If a casualty is unconscious but breathing normally, we put them in the recovery position. This will keep their airway clear and open, plus it ensures that any fluid such as vomit and blood can drain out of the mouth, preventing choking.

If you suspect the casualty may have a spinal injury, do not attempt to move them and call 999 immediately. This could be the case if the person has been involved in an accident that has directly affected their spine - such as a fall from height or being struck directly in the back.

If it is necessary to open their airway, you should do so by placing your hands on either side of their head and gently lift their jaw with the tips of your fingers – taking care not to move their neck.

The infogram below has all the information you’ll need to put someone in the recovery position. Follow the clear, easy steps to help you feel confident enough to handle the situation effectively.

Whether you have first aid training or not, it's always useful to know how to act when a medical emergency occurs so you can be confident the casualty is being looked after - even if it's whilst waiting for an ambulance to arrive. First aid tips and advice can be a great way to ensure you know how to act should a medical emergency even occur.

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