First Aid: as easy as DR ABC

Date: Thursday, 07 April 2016. -  
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Would you know what to do if you found a seriously injured casualty lying on the ground? Some people may become paralyzed with fear but with a few simple steps, your good deed will go a long way, providing the emergency service team with the vital information they need to take immediate action.

After reading this blog post you will see that first aid really is as easy as DR ABC.



The first thing you must consider when you encounter a casualty is whether the danger has been removed. You do not want to put yourself at risk so tread carefully and remove any obstacles that may get in your way such as ladders and building materials.


Once the area has been cleared, the next thing you must do is ensure the casualty is fully responsive. Calmly introduce yourself and explain that you are trying to help, if the casualty still doesn’t respond gently shake their shoulders.


If the casualty is still unresponsive you must quickly check to see if they are breathing. Open their airway by gently placing two fingers underneath their chin, tilting their head backwards.


The easiest way to check if someone is still breathing is by hovering your tilted head directly over their mouth so that you can monitor the rise and fall of their chest whilst being able to feel their breath on your cheek. If the casualty shows no signs of breathing you must begin CPR immediately after calling 999.


Is the casualty showing signs of severe bleeding? Dress the wounds wearing sterile gloves to prevent the casualty going into shock – a life-threatening condition.

Get up to speed with lifesaving first aid practices with a qualification in Emergency First Aid at Work, guaranteed to give you the confidence boost you need to take action in an emergency.

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