Brand New Imperative Website

Date: Thursday, 28 May 2015. -  

We are delighted to announce that we have officially launched our brand new website.

Over the past few months our creative team have been working hard to build a new website with fresh content and a completely new feel. A little change is always nice.

Some features that we are particularly proud of are the first aid tips that guide you through measures to take for different aspects of first aid such as burns, choking and sprains. The brand new addition of the ticker allows us to monitor the number of learners we have trained- the current value as I type is 101,971! This total is something to be incredibly proud of and we look forward to watching those numbers increase as the days go by.

Jam packed with breakdowns of our company historycourse criteria and topical blog posts, our new website will highlight everything you need to know about the way we operate and our company values that we practice daily.

But if you do require any further assistance our customer care team are on hand to help with any enquiries you may have, give them a call on 0845 071 0820.

Business hours:

Monday- Thursday 8 – 6 pm

Friday 8.30 – 5 pm

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