5 Reasons First Aid Skills Should be Your New Year's Resolution

5 Reasons First Aid Skills Should be Your New Year's Resolution

Jenny Brannan
Posted by Jenny Brannan

Date: Tuesday, 03 January 2017. -  
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If we told you every single reason why you should learn First Aid, we have a feeling you could be here for days on end!

To save you some time - and your eyes - we’ve decided to highlight five simple reasons why learning life-saving First Aid should be your New Year’s Resolution. 


First Aid Saves Lives

It’s true; First Aid saves lives on a daily basis. If someone were to collapse from a cardiac event such as sudden cardiac arrest, their only chance of survival is effective CPR and defibrillation of the heart.

By having the life-saving knowledge of First Aid to hand, you would know how to act confidently and effectively if you just so happened to be a bystander to such an event.

By delivering life-saving treatment prior to the emergency services arriving at the scene, the victim’s chance of survival increases considerably. If treatment is delivered within 3-5 minutes of collapse, the victim’s chance of survival increases from 6%-74%.

By delivering this treatment, you could be the difference between life and death.


Every year, in the UK alone, there are approximately around 30,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests. Just 20% of cardiac arrests will occur in public places, the remaining 80% are likely to take place in the patient’s home.

Unfortunately, sudden cardiac arrest can attack anyone, anytime in any place. It does not take into account factors such as current health condition, gender, age or ethnicity like other conditions. 12 people under the age of 35 will die every week, and 270 children will die every year; both of these fatality totals are due to cardiac arrest.  

Many people are unaware of these statistics, but by knowing the life-saving First Aid skills, these statistics will be tackled significantly.

Taking Care of One Another

In some workplaces, employers take it upon themselves to ensure their staff is all First Aid trained.

By having First Aid trained staff makes the workplace safer for the employees; someone opposite your desk could suffer a sudden cardiac arrest; by working in heart safe environment, their survival chances are greater than those if they were to work in a non-heart safe workplace environment.

If this were to happen, the staff would know how to act and treat the patient, effectively and confidently. 

Higher Employability

For some, a New Year may mean a new job is on the horizon.

By having a First Aid certification on your CV can significantly increase your employability in a variety of working environments.

Whether you’d like to pursue a career where your certification will be put to use every day, such as a paramedic or a nurse, or if you’d just like to work in an office environment, your CV will stand out more than the other applicants, all because of the First Aid qualification.


The traditional way to learn First Aid is to go to a First Aid class with other learners and get qualified that way, however, times have changed as has technology.

Nowadays, it’s hard to find the time to fit in the First Aid class around your life, but that’s why there are other options that are made to suit you and your needs.

The start of a New Year is a busy time for all, but the introduction of e-Learning allows you to train when is right and suitable for you. This change has opened First Aid up to a whole new generation of learners who – if they do learn – could create a future generation of life-savers who aren’t as reliant on the emergency services.

e-Learning lets you be part of that generation!

A Million Reasons

Maybe we’re exaggerating with a million reasons, but hey, maybe we’re not! As we said before, you’d be here for days and no doubt your eyes would get tired.

First Aid allows you to be the difference and in some situations, a life-saver. You know, not all heroes wear capes, some wear jeans and a top, but know First Aid.

It just so happens that we’re the UK’s leading independent provider of in-house First Aid courses, so for why not become an everyday hero this year and get your First Aid training qualification with us! To book a course, call our team on 0845 071 0820.

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