12 Days of First Aid Tips: Child Choking

12 Days of First Aid Tips: Child Choking

Date: Thursday, 17 December 2015. -  
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On Christmas day houses are often filled with mountains of scrunched up wrapping paper and packaging. Weeks later you will still find the plastic ties from gifts dotted around the house and Christmas decorations that have plummeted from the tree under the sofa. 

There’s far too much for little ones to sink their teeth into and we could certainly use eyes in the back of our head to catch toddlers in the act. Turning your back for a split second could be all it takes for them to pick something off the floor, put it in their mouth and start to choke.

In the 10th instalment of the 12 Days of First Aid Tips, we will teach you the correct procedure used to stop an infant from choking. 

10# Child Choking

The approach used to stop an infant from choking is different than if the person choking was an adult due to the child’s fragile frame.

First of all, you should lay the baby flat across your forearm face down, so that their head is positioned lower than their chest.

Give five back blows between their shoulder blades using the heel of your hand, checking if the obstruction has cleared between each blow

If the back blows haven’t cleared the obstruction, turn the baby onto their back and place two fingers on their breastbone. Thrust sharply with your fingers upwards and inwards towards the baby’s head. This motion can be repeated up to five times, but ensure you check if the obstruction has been cleared between each.

Repeat the cycle of 5 back blows and 5 chest thrusts 3 times. If the obstruction still hasn’t been dislodged call an ambulance.

If they lose consciousness and stop breathing at any point you should start CPR immediately.

For further information about first aid practices, contact our customer service team for their expert guidance on 0845 071 0820.

We offer a number of paediatric courses to suit those that work with children in nurseries and schools that demonstrate the essential first aid practices catered towards children and infants.

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