Manual Handling

Over the past 12 years, the imperative training team have strived to provide outstanding levels of customer service and our efforts have been recognised by a number of awards such as our runner-up position in the Salford Business Awards Excellence category in 2014 and Great Place to Work 2014. We are also honoured to be recognised as a diamond approved centre by training organisation TQUK, the highest level of accreditation a centre can achieve.

After a long day of bending down to pick up heavy boxes and stacking loads, it can put a real strain on your body. Manual Handling courses teach your team how to move items correctly in order eliminate the risk of injury and musculoskeletal disorders.

Candidates are taught the correct posture to adopt and the appropriate method of lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying and lowering heavy loads, in the hope that they will never suffer aches and pains again.

The benefits of learning about manual handling

  • By following the correct procedures, absences will be significantly reduced.
  • Your staff will discover more about mechanical aids such as hoists and trolleys that will assist them with their duties.
  • They will be able to determine whether a load is light enough for them to manage.


Manual handling courses are perfect for high risk working environments. Discover more about the training available by reading the course breakdown:

Imperative Level 2 Award in Safe Moving & Handling



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