Sprains & Strains

Sprains & Strains

on Tuesday, 03 March 2015.

Sprains and strains are common injuries affecting the muscles and ligaments, but with effective first aid and a little TLC you will be right as rain in no time!

Sprains and strains are injuries to the soft tissues. A sprain is a tear of the ligaments around a joint, whilst a strain is a tear of the muscles and tendons.

It's difficult to tell the difference, but the treatment for both is the same, simply follow RICE.

Rest the injured part.

Apply an Ice pack or cold compress.

Comfort and support the injured part

Keep the injury Elevated

Our handy infogram will take you through the steps to treat sprains & strains.

If you would like any more advice on dealing with sprains and strains, feel free to get in touch with our knowledgeable customer care team on 0845 071 0820.