on Tuesday, 03 March 2015.

If you are wounded it's a priority to control bleeding to ensure a sufficient amount of blood is reaching the brain to ensure recovery.

As a first aider, it is your job to reduce blood loss, minimise infection and prevent (or treat) shock.

The first step you should take is to apply direct pressure to the wound. Ask the casualty to do this themselves until you can apply a clean, non-fluffy, sterile dressing.

Depending on the location of the wound, sit or lay the casualty down. If the bleeding is severe, treat for the prevention of shock by laying them down and elevating their legs. Keep them warm and reassure them.

Should the bleeding continue through the first dressing, apply another one. If bleeding continues, remove both and start again. If bleeding cannot be controlled by applying pressure to the wound, you may need to consider a tourniquet or haemostatic dressing (only attempt this if you are suitably training and the correct equipment is available).

You should make sure that your first aid kit is always stocked with the essential equipment of sterile dressings of various sizes, nitrile gloves and bandages. Our partner site Imperative Supplies offers refill packages which will equip all of your vitals in just one order!

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Our handy infogram will take you through the steps to treat a casualty who is bleeding.