Lagan's Foundation

Lagan's Foundation is a cause close to Imperative Training's heart - check them out below to find out why


What they do

Lagan's Foundation aims to provide at-home help and support to young children with heart defects and feeding problems across the UK.

Their home relief support service helps to provide parents with a helping hand for a minimum of 2 hours every week.

Whether it's someone to talk to, someone to help with child care or even helping around the house, the support workers at Lagan's Foundation are there for the whole family.

Why Imperative Training supports Lagan's 

Ensuring there is as much awareness as possible for Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) and other heart defects, is a cause that Imperative holds very closely.

Many people are still unaware of CHD and the implications this can cause, Imperative and Lagan's Foundation both share the aspiration to change that and make as many people as possible aware.

Lagan's Foundation provides the care and assistance that families who have experienced this or have a child with feeding problems with all the assistance that they need.

How you can help

There are a million and one ways you can get involved! The first is easy, and that's to donate!

Whether you're feeling inspired by Lagan's Foundation and want to contribute to the cause, have a fundraiser at your own workplace or even run a marathon, any contribution will be greatly appreciated and will be put into the caregiving services provided by Lagan's Foundation.

Visit to learn more about Lagan's Foundation and the team behind the helpful and inspirational cause.

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