Drugs and Alcohol awareness

Drugs and Alcohol awareness


Having an awareness of drug and alcohol abuse within your workplace can help for employees to recognise warning signs to prevent a possible incident occurring within your workplace.

Covering a widespread of modules from drug classification to effects of drug use, this course explores the common indications and behaviours which are related with drug use and dealing.

Providing your employees with this training and providing an awareness of the above will help to reduce risk to your business providing a safer environment.

This course will cover;

  • Drugs classification
  • Drugs legislation
  • Drugs most commonly used on licensed premises
  • The drugs debate
  • Anti-drugs policy
  • Assessing risks
  • Control strategies
  • Spotting and stopping drug use and dealing
  • Environment planning
  • Information exchange
  • How to deal with drug-related medical emergencies

Course Duration

Half day or 60-minute online course 

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