Hand on Heart

Stand by for the lowdown on our fantastic chosen charity. They're real life-savers!

 Hand on heart


About Hand on Heart

Hand on Heart were officially established as a charitable organisation in January 2012 with one goal in mind - to prevent the deaths of the 12 people that lose their lives every week due to sudden cardiac arrest.

In order to achieve this, they have been raising awareness of sudden cardiac arrest in the young, creating heart safe schools and educating young people and teachers about SCA, training them in basic life support and the use of defibrillators. 



Why Hand on Heart?

Hand on Heart have rightly deserved their place as our chosen charity due to their continued commitment to save lives. At present, they have placed over 800 defibrillators in schools and have trained a whopping 20,000 plus students how to perform CPR and operate defibrillators in a critical emergency, a fantastic achievement if we do say so ourselves. 

Hand on Heart also have our backing because imperative training's very own CEO David Howarth is the Chairman and Trustee of the charity. His passion and dedication to the cause has inspired our team to help in any way that we can to raise awareness. 

The UK Heart Safe Awards

The Hand on Heart team also host the UK Heart Safe Awards that celebrates organisations and employers that go above and beyond to create a heart safe environment for their employees. They also recognise the achievements of incredible individuals who have performed life-saving first aid.

imperative training has sponsored the awards every year since they began in 2013. We have also held our own fundraising events such as fancy dress days, bike rides and marathons. Word has it that some incredibly brave members of the team are even considering a skydive!

How to Get Involved

There are many ways that you can help Hand on Heart with their mission to save lives. First off, you could help the team to raise some cash by volunteering at one of the charity's fundraising events, or you can show your support by making a donation.