Infant Choking

Infant Choking

on Tuesday, 03 March 2015.

Infants love to put things in their mouths, making it easy for them to choke on small objects or food. If this happens, you need to act quickly to prevent the child from losing consciousness.

To begin with, lay the baby face down along your forearm so that their head is lower than their chest.

With the heel of your hand, give up to 5 back blows between the infant's shoulder blades. Check their mouth for obstructions between each back blow.

If the obstruction hasn't cleared, turn the infant onto its back.

Place two fingers on the breastbone and thrust sharply inwards and upwards, towards the infant's head.

Repeat this up to 5 times, checking for obstructions after each.

Repeat the back blows and 5 chest thrusts up to 3 times.

If the obstruction hasn't cleared, call 999 and continue until help arrives or the infant becomes unconscious.

If the baby becomes unresponsive, begin CPR immediately.

Our handy infogram will guide you through the steps to treat a choking infant.

If you have any questions regarding these actions, please contact our knowledgeable customer care team by calling 0845 071 0820.